Things You Need to Know About 9mobile BlazeOn - Time Based Data Plans

A few weeks back, 9Mobile (formally known as Etisalat) unveiled their own time based data plan, working via an app called Blaze On, powered by Comptel’s FWD solution.
It seems we are getting the information about plan wrongly. 9Mobile time based data plan has 4 different plans, 10mins, 15mins, 30mins & 1 hour timely plan, none of these plans are unlimited and 9Mobile was never declared it as unlimited plan, though they make the data plan not understandable. The message released by 9Mobile is "buy data in minutes, buy data in hours", no further detail about the plan.
If you don't know, I'm confirming it for you now that 9Mobile Blazeon time based plans has fair data usage condition, i.e. A particular amount of data is capped to each plan. See the data limit of each of the plans below:

  • 10min plan of N50 is capped at 230MB
  • 15min plan of N70 is capped at 350MB
  • 30min plan of N120 is capped at 780MB
  • 1hour plan of N200 is capped at 1580MB (1.5GB)
I don't know when our 4 major Telecoms in Nigeria will be tested and proved to us and provide us the genuine unlimited data plan with affordable price, even with time based data plans, they cannot offer us an unlimited data plan.

However, with the fair usage policy attached to 9Mobile time based plans, I think it is still one of the best data plan. Getting 1.5GB for just N200 is too bad?

If the 9Mobile network is good in your locality and you have better things to do with internet data, like downloading, upgrading/updating the system and Smartphones. You will really love this plan when you give it a trial.

For now, the app is available for Android users, but might be rolled out for iOS device very soon. The plan can't be used directly on a PC except through tethering from an Android device.

To Subscribe to Any of The BlazeOn Timely Data Plan
From your Android device, text “blazeon” to 229 or just download & install the blaze on app.
Download Blaze On from Google Play Store here or download the raw file here
Set up the app and you are good to go.

Note The Following;
Blazeon don't have pause option, if you are not ready to use it, don't activate the plan
If you don't have enough battery on your phone to sustain you for that particular time, don't activate the plan
If you don't have strong 9Mobile network in your area, don't activate the plan, otherwise your money will be wasted.

When you open the BlazeOn app and the airtime on your account balance was not appearing. Simply tap the Menu icon >> Balance & Purchases. Click on the reload icon at the bottom to update your account, then go back to the main menu to choose the most suitable time plan.

Note that 9Mobile Ramadan Special Offer is working. Both Muslim and Christian can still grab 1GB for just N200 or 5GB for N1000 on 9Mobile network, valid for 3day.

That is all for now.
Hoping to see more affordable data plans. Enjoy.

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