Browse the Internet at Night with these MTN Data Plans

If you do not have that much time for surfing the web during the day, we have just a fix for you. Learn here about the MTN night plan code and browse the Internet after work from the comfort of your own bed. With MTN night browsing, you will always have something to do before sleep!
Like many other Nigerian mobile carriers, MTN offers its users the ability to use mobile internet at night at a much lower price than usual. However, there is no MTN night plan designed for night browsing exclusively. In this article, we will tell you about three data bundles and one tariff plan that can give you the ability to use the Internet after dark, as well as about the ways you can order them. Check them out!

  • The third bundle gives you 2.5 GB of data to use whenever you want, as well as 1 GB to use between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. This bundle is also valid for a month and goes for ₦2,000. The code for this MTN Nigeria data plan is *131*110#. You can also send a text that says 110 to a short number 131. To deactivate the bundle, send NO110 to the same number.
Now you can choose whichever bundle you like and enjoy your Internet. You should also know that you can purchase several bundles at the same time and roll over unused data if you buy a new bundle before the old one expires. Unfortunately, the unused bonus cannot be rolled over, so use it before it is gone!

MTN Pulse code

If you enjoy nighttime browsing, then you will definitely love the MTN Plus tariff. Apart from providing you with calls for 11 kobo per second to all networks, MTN Plus also offers a Happy Hour bundle, which allows you to surf the Internet at night freely for just ₦25 per day.
To migrate to MTN Plus, dial the USSD code *406*1# or send a text that says 406 to 131. After you have done that, send the text that says Night to 131 to enjoy your nighttime web surfing. Remember, you will need to resend this every day if you plan to use the Happy Hour bundle, as it does not have the auto-renewal feature.
Those are all the options we have for you today. As you can see, there is a nice array of things to choose from. Therefore, read the article through once again if you have to and choose whichever tariff or bundle suits you better. Have a nice day!


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